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Our design team has years of experience and is incredibly talented. Their combined abilities will make your brand into a vital part of your arsenal.


Corporate Identity:


Ictus works with some of the most successful people in the professional speaking business. We partner with these highly visible experts to produce newsletters, audio and video products, eBooks, assessments, presentations, articles, and, of course, manuscripts for publication, either through a trade publisher or through an alternative strategy crafted to meet the specific objectives of the author. We also work with people who are seeking to bring their careers to the next level through the enhanced visibility that publishing offers. Whether your goal is to establish yourself as the guru in your field by producing the definitive work in your specialty or to create passive streams of revenue to augment your other revenue-generating activities, we will provide you the support and publishing expertise that will enable you to move your business forward and fulfill your vision for your own professional achievement.


Logo Design


Signature Intellectual Property:


Intellectual property is the key to the Ictus approach to a business development strategy and will become the core focus for all of your products, writing, speaking, media outreach, and marketing material. Ictus has earned an excellent reputation for our work defining the branding, market positioning, and messaging for our clients. Our branding philosophy operates from the perspective that you are the product. In promoting subject

matter experts, our job is to define your expertise and unique value proposition, create a buzz around you in a niche market, and then leverage this for revenue and profit.


Promotional Materials


Marketing Copy


The Ictus Initiative is noted for our work with words—both in the development of content and in the authorship of compelling copy for publication in print, on the web, or on the air. We have extensive experience writing copy in the business space that will accurately describe your products and services in language that will pique the interest of customers, prospects, and media representatives. Logo design and corporate identity development for speakers, authors, and professional service providers requires considerations beyond traditional consumer product-oriented branding. The graphical image must properly position the expert in the appropriate economic segment and be authentic to the individual. Further, the words and image must be highly memorable and draw in the reader/viewer to want to know more. The image must be simple enough in its design to render well in print and on the web, but have the “wow” factor so that it creates an imprint on the viewer’s visual memory upon the first look.


Ictus will work with you to create the content for your speaker’s one sheet, media kit, and marketing materials that will serve as an information source for meeting planners, journalists, and others seeking details about you and your products and services. Once we have created copy for these materials our graphic design staff will lay out the content in the document format customary in our industry. As you are undoubtedly aware, a media kit is generally housed in a presentation folder and contains your marketing materials, copies of recent press releases, copies of articles that have been written by or about you, and press mentions.


The media kit will also contain photos, a biographical fact sheet, a list of your speaking topics and recent venues, descriptive information about your publications, testimonials, audio and video material, sample interview questions, promotional products, and anything else that will inform the media and other interested parties about you and your work.


Ictus will work with you to create other collateral materials that will support your sales and marketing efforts. We will create appropriate print materials (e.g., letterhead, business cards, brochures, space ads, sales tools) working in full partnership with you on issues of copy, layout, and design so that your materials are a true reflection of your mission and vision.


Trade Show Exhibits

Content Development





Product Development

Traditional and Digital Books

Audio & Video



Ictus enables you to productize your content for publication in any format.

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