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Our team will accellerate and expand your marketability by working with media professionals to relay your message to global outlets.



Expert Sourcing:


We specifically tailor each of our clients' media relations campaigns, proactively targeting relevant media and editorial personnel in print, radio, and television mediums. We subscribe to online client visibility and media contact information services, both of which guarantee we reach the right media representatives across America who will be interested in quoting you as an expert source in their story. We write and distribute timely, news-related press releases both on the internet and to a national database of contacts, and we respond to the resulting media inquiries. When a reporter wants to talk with you we set up the interview, coordinate schedules, and provide follow-up.


We start the initial process by building a list of media outlets of our most preferred targets. Using our media database we develop a custom list of ideal publications working within your areas of expertise. We may, for example, build you a list around: Business, Sales, Sports, Finance, Luxury, or niche professional services markets such as financial planners, bankers, investment brokers, CPA's, sales professionals, communications professionals, management consultants, doctors, and lawyers.


After we build the targeted list, we create a top-five group of magazines and newspapers to whom we plan to offer an exclusive. Depending on your material, these publications could include The New York Times, Forbes, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. We will then develop exclusive story ideas for each publication, changing the angle and tweaking the content to generate the most effective pitch.


Article Placement:


Getting bylined articles placed is a great way to draw attention to your expertise and traffic to your website. In order to secure article placements we must look for publications that accept stories from contributing authors (all national magazines do not). Because article placement is a great way to increase your visibility, we primarily target publications whose readers are in the socioeconomic demographic of your specific market. Within our database of reporters and publications, we also have access to a database of editorial calendars that allow us to monitor and search for magazines that plan on doing a topical issue that is appropriate for your area of content.


Our editorial team, who come to us with backgrounds in journalism, will pitch your article and story concepts in query letters to appropriate publications, newspapers, online magazines, and other information-based sources. Usually, when a concept for an article is accepted by the editor of the publication, a reporter will write it. Sometimes, however, the editor will ask that you, the expert, provide the content. In this instance, we will partner with you to perform the necessary background research and to write, edit, and revise a well-informed, engaging story that follows the editorial specifications of the publisher.

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