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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  What is Ictus Marketing Group?

The Ictus Initiative works with speakers, authors, consultants, and others who are regarded as experts in their fields who are seeking to increase their visibility in targeted niche markets. We work with our clients to:


  • Articulate with laser beam focus who you are and what problems you solve

  • Develop online and offline marketing tools that enable you to create a meaningful connection with your customers and prospects

  • Create information-based products that showcase your expertise and create streams of revenue

  • Achieve media visibility so that you are building a solid reputation nationally in the markets you have targeted for development


Our approach centers on the notion that YOU are the product. The art and the science of marketing yourself and your products and services begins with the development of a personal branding strategy that resonates meaningfully with the people you hope to be your customers. We help you define the unique value you provide your customers and create words and images that effectively communicate why you are uniquely positioned to provide solutions to your market segment. We develop one sheets, media kits, web sites, brochures, letterhead, signage and display items that will pique the interest of prospects and help you convert them to customers.


Our product development initiatives include audio and video production, book publishing and manuscript development, newsletters, and web-based products. We can implement e-commerce and internet marketing solutions that help generate traffic to your web site. We also help you connect with editors and journalists in the print and broadcast media so that your message is read and heard around the globe and you are moving toward celebrity standing in the market space you want to own.


 02  How do I become a client?

It's simple. Go over to our contact page, and introduce yourself. Send us a brief email that describes who you are and what you specialize in. Please include any links to any current online materials (even if it is just a LinkedIN page). We will review your email, and get back to you as soon as possible.



 03  What is our marketing strategy?



We work with people who are experts in their field and enable them to become celebrities in their market space. We then leverage this celebrity and turn it into revenue-generating activities. The process begins by developing an overarching branding concept that is centered on your unique professional qualifications, and who you are as a person. We identify the problems you solve, the solutions you are uniquely positioned to provide, and your  differentiating qualities. We look to pinpoint the reasons why you have achieved the extraordinary success you have had in your career, and articulate the reasons why you are able to create an emotional connection with your target audiences. From there, we translate these findings into words and images that communicate with  laser-beam focus the value of your services and your message in the market segments where you have realized traction. These overarching concepts form the umbrella under which we develop a manuscript, or a whole range of products, to enhance your profile and, ultimately, build an infrastructure that results in revenue for your business. Within the content of these products we articulate ideas and language that are unique to you, and become your signature concepts and proprietary intellectual property.









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