Our marketing team has years of experience and an extensive contact list that will expand your client base and turn you into a celebrity of your profession.





We work with people who are experts in their field and enable them to become celebrities in their market space. We then leverage this celebrity and turn it into revenue-generating activities. The process begins by developing an overarching branding concept that is centered on your unique professional qualifications, and who you are as a person. We identify the problems you solve, the solutions you are uniquely positioned to provide, and your differentiating qualities. We look to pinpoint the reasons why you have achieved the extraordinary success you have had in your career, and articulate the reasons why you are able to create an emotional connection with your target audiences. From there, we translate these findings into words and images that communicate with laser-beam focus the value of your services and your message in the market segments where you have realized traction. These overarching concepts form the umbrella under which we develop a manuscript, or a whole range of products, to enhance your profile and, ultimately, build an infrastructure that results in revenue for your business. Within the content of these products we articulate ideas and language that are unique to you, and become your signature concepts and proprietary intellectual property.


Segmentation - Niche



Modeling – Business & Financial Planning


Transcending the entire range of The Ictus Initiative’s services and products is the need for an overarching financial and publishing strategy. We focus on this process from day one of our relationship with you—ensuring that our agreed approach forms the foundation for a successful and lucrative outcome. We will work with you to establish a financial model, focusing on the business goal of your marketing, product development,

and publishing objectives. We will work with you to define and articulate these goals and a vision for these efforts at the earliest stage in our arrangement so that we are proceeding in the right direction during the implementation process. At the beginning of our work together, we will ask you to identify the key marketing channels and profit centers for your business. For example, speaking engagements may be a profit center for many but can also be categorized as a marketing channel if they primarily provide an opportunity to build relationships with prospective new clients for your other profit centers. Your profit centers might be consulting, training, coaching, audio/video products, or a membership website. This analytical process is an indispensable component of the strategic planning exercise. It is essential that we understand exactly where your revenue is going to come from and then tailor our marketing initiatives to maximize the sales opportunities for the product(s) we are creating.