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The Ictus Marketing Group works with speakers, authors, consultants, and others who are regarded as experts in their fields who are seeking to increase their visibility in targeted niche markets. We work with our clients to:


  • Articulate with laser beam focus who you are and what problems you solve

  • Develop online and offline marketing tools that enable you to create a meaningful connection with your customers and prospects

  • Create information-based products that showcase your expertise and create streams of revenue

  • Achieve media visibility so that you are building a solid reputation nationally in the markets you have targeted for development

    • Marketing Strategy

    • Modeling – Business & Financial Planning

    • Sales and Business Development Planning

    • Brand Definition

    • Corporate Identity

    • Logo Design

    • Signature Intellectual Property

    • Promotional Materials

    • Marketing Copy

    • Trade Show Exhibits

    • Content Development

    • Manuscripts

    • Articles/Newsletters

    • Speeches

    • Product Development

    • Media Relations

    • Press Releases

    • Expert Sourcing

    • Article Placement

    • Web Development

Marketing Strategy


We work with people who are experts in their field and enable them to become celebrities in their market space. We then leverage this celebrity and turn it into revenue-generating




Branding & Design


Professional branding and graphic design opens doors and reinforces credibility. We deliver tremeandous value that stems from our talented staff and years of experience navigating industries of all kinds.



Media Relations


We specifically tailor each of our clients' media relations campaigns, proactively targeting relevant media and editorial personnel in print, radio, and television mediums. We subscribe to online client visibility and media contact information services, both of which guarantee we reach the right media representatives across America who will be interested in quoting you as an expert source in their story.



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