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Does your 

Website have you feeling like this?

Don't worry. You're not alone.

As a small business owner, you've got a million things to do. Building and maintaining a website is a full-time job. Who has time for that? Most don't.
In fact, according to a poll by CNBC, nearly 50% of small businesses don’t have a website. Of those that do, there are three major issues that plague them...

See a pattern?

There are a number of things that every website needs to do. It needs look great, load fast and be mobile friendly. It's got to have compelling language, images and video.
But, if at the end of day your website is not generating meaningful business for you, then what is the point of it?
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We can help stop the frustration and make your competitors feel like this guy. Let us show you how.

So here's your options...

#1 The Web Developer


Your site will be pixel perfect from a technical standpoint. But it's not optimized to generate new business. It's also the most expensive route. 

#2 Mr. or Mrs Do It Yourself


Nowadays, everyone has access to website building tools. Sure, your cousin who's great with tech could build it for you. But the big challenge is not building the website... it's building one that works. 

#3 Ictus Marketing Group


A combined 40 years of experience in website production and marketing, we have a track record of building websites that bring you customers. And, with websites starting at $3,000, we offer affordable rates that the big companies can't beat. 


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Packages start at $3,000 and include:

Up to six web pages
Custom design based on your brand
Optimized for desktop and mobile
Contact and Lead Generation Forms
Embedded Videos
Google Analytics so you can track your visits
And much more...
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